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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect in my initial evaluation? Prior to your first appointment, we will send intake paperwork for you to complete. At your initial evaluation, we will review this paperwork together briefly. We will discuss your medical, social, and birth histories, your daily routines and activities, and your personal goals for therapy. I will ask questions, but this conversation is yours! Please feel free to share anything you would like, and know that this is a safe space. Depending on the services you are seeking, we will likely move into a functional assessment where I will take a look at your movement patterns and biomechanics and complete a postural assessment. We may also complete an external examination of your pelvic floor, if you are comfortable and agree to do so in the initial session. If it is indicated, we can also complete an internal examination of the pelvic floor. An internal examination will only be completed with your explicit consent, and can be discontinued at any time. I will describe all steps of the internal exam both before and during the examination and answer any questions you may have. At the end of your evaluation, we will further discuss your goals and work together to determine a treatment plan to reach those goals!

What should I expect in my treatment sessions? Every treatment session is different! Your treatment plan will be highly individualized and depends on your specific goals for therapy. Some treatment interventions we may use in your sessions include: Behavioral modification Education Joint mobilization Lifestyle modification Manual therapy Mindfulness training Movement for core and pelvic floor strengthening Myofascial release Nervous system training and reeducation Postural work Scar tissue mobilization Soft tissue mobilization Therapeutic exercise …and more!

What is the cost of evaluation and treatment? Your first 15 minute consultation is free. 90 minute initial evaluation: $150 60 minute follow up treatment session: $100

Do you accept insurance? I am not contracted with insurance companies. I choose to offer out-of-network cash pay services to avoid restrictions and time limits in therapy dictated by insurance companies. This allows me to provide higher quality, holistic, and person centered care. I am happy to provide a superbill upon request.

What is a superbill? A superbill is a detailed invoice/receipt that includes your name and identifying information, a diagnosis code (also called an ICD-10 code), and treatment codes (or CPT codes). Superbills will be provided upon request and can be submitted as a claim to your insurance for reimbursement. Reimbursement depends on your insurance and will vary by company and policy. Please call the number listed on your insurance card for more information regarding reimbursement.

Where are you located? I provide in home services in the Northwest Tucson and Oro Valley areas.

Additional Questions? Send me a message!

Thanks for your question! You will hear from me soon.

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